Initially mobile apps were getting developed by the mobile device companies only. SMS app, the snake game etc. are the initial level apps. In those days engineers at the mobile development companies were developing apps quite secretly. It was 2008 when Apple Inc. launched App Store where any developer can host mobile apps and, any user can download and install apps in their mobile device. Apple provided guidelines for the mobile app development process to maintain the standard of mobile apps. This was for Apple devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod). Mobile app developers start taking the advantage and started iOS apps shipping. This was revolutionizing for mobile application development industry.

About six months later Android followed Apple Inc. and launched Play Store for Android apps. These two events opened the door for app developers across the world to ship their own apps for public download. Here began the world of mobile apps. To build a mobile app following process should be followed.

  1. Analysis – The first step in the development is defining the scope by analysing requirements provided and the development constraints. Complete analysis is performed by mobile app engineers by drawing complete flow of the functioning app.
  2. Wire-framing – After analysis mobile app designing comes in picture. Before designing the app designers create a wire-frame of the app design. This provides the feel of the app. The goal of wire-framing is always to achieve the best possible UX.
  3. Prototyping – The flow of the mobile app functioning is showcased by creating a prototype of the mobile app.
  4. App coding – After finalizing the above three steps mobile app developers start programming to achieve the necessary functions decided. The mobile app is for iOS, Android or for both platforms; app has to be native or hybrid etc. determine how to code the mobile app.
  5. Quality Analysis – Testing of the full functional mobile app is performed by the quality analysis team for the best user experience (UX). Not only look and feel, functionalities etc. but also standard of the coding etc. are checked.
  6. Mobile app shipping – It is still a challenge to ship a mobile app to respective app stores without any error. After finishing the development process iOS apps shipped to Apple App Store and Android apps shipped to Google Play Store.

Mobile apps with best UX get featured on the App Store. This always remains top priority of the mobile app developers to get their developed apps featured. By getting an app featured, it multiplies the visibility of the app and hence the chances of downloads. Every developer wants maximum downloads of the apps developed by them. Nowadays mobile application development services are provided by the various software companies across the globe. This has uplifted the quality of mobile apps getting shipped to app stores.