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Top 17 Web Design Trends For 2018 image

Web designers and UX experts are looking forward towards the latest web design trends for 2018. Each year brings new website design trends. 2018 brings in some new web design trends that will be embraced by industry leaders and business owners. Here are the top 17 web design trends for 2018:   Fewer menu options 2017 witnessed that many websites were redesigned with reduced menu options. This is likely to become a hot trend in 2018. Header navigation menus that had 5-8 options previously would now have 3-4 options. This would help the users reach the desired page easily with fewer clicks. Say goodbye to hamburger It’s time to bid goodbye to hamburger. It helps to hide the depth and ...

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A Beginner Guide to Web Designers to Design iPhone App in Photoshop standard

In the era of technological advancement, the 21st century is witnessing a tectonic shift in the technology market. Professionals always need to keep ready for a knowledge shift. Since the launch of the revolutionary Apple app store in 2008, the technology market has witnessed a major shift from web technology to mobile technology. Here we are about to learn to design an iPhone app using Photoshop. Adobe Photoshop is a graphic designing tool widely used by web designers. The design elements seen in Photoshop on desktop computers may not appear same on iPhone screens with default Photoshop settings. For this, need to adjust some settings in Photoshop. 1. Change Preferences for Guides, Grid & Slices As in high resolution retina ...

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Browser Compatibility of the Website image

When designing a web site, the consideration should be browser compatibility. Your web site may look great when viewed with Internet Explorer, but when viewed with Netscape Navigator or Mozilla Firefox, everything may not be formatted properly. All web browsers are not developed equally. View your site through different browsers and screen resolutions; you will see how your visitors will view your web site. A good way to see how your web site will look through various browsers is to download and install a copy of various browsers like Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Mozilla Firefox etc. CSS provides powerful ways to control the appearance of a page but also leads to serious browser incompatibilities. You can limit these problems by ...

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Website Design Principles image

Prominence We had thrown enough light on the aspect of unity in our previous articles. There is another aspect of prominence or importance which is related to unity. It focuses on highlighting one specific element in the design rather than trying to fit all things together. The purpose here is to attract more attention from the surfers. When you design a web page layout, often you’ll identify an item in the content, or the layout itself, that you want to stand out. Perhaps it’s a button you want users to press, or an error message that you want them to read. One method of achieving such emphasis is by making that element into a focal point. A focal point is ...

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