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Web Design

It is advisable to have a web design for both- the eCommerce aspect and the marketing. It would attract more attention from the surfers and ultimately results into high number of strikes by the information seekers.

Web Development

At AIT Softwares, we conceive Web Development Applications that have high accountability and can be merged easily with HTML, Flash, Java, WAP and other applications. We work in collaboration with web developer firms seeking offshore IT partner across the globe to complete their projects.

Web Promotion

Today, we witness some of the biggest brands get failed in retaining popularity in spite of spending millions of dollars in market research, manufacturing, brand designing, and marketing. The reason: these brands have lack of visibility among the customers! Hence, web promotion is not just developing a website, but to promote products smartly on the net that brings results.

eCommerce Development Solution

Electronic Commerce, often called eCommerce, provides the great platform for the sale and procurement of supplies and services using information technology.

PHP Programming

PHP stands for “Hypertext Preprocessor”. It is a server-side scripting language, which means that a PHP page is processed on a web server by a PHP script engine. When the client makes a request for any page, the request is sent to the server, the server locates the requested page and executes the PHP code if any and the result is sent to the browser (client) in the form of HTML.

ASP.NET Programming

ASP.NET is an integrated web platform that provides all the necessary services to build enterprise-class applications. ASP.NET is built on the .NET Framework, so all .NET Framework features are available to ASP.NET applications. Your applications can be written in a language compatible with the common language run time, like Visual Basic, C#, and JScript.

Offshore Development

Offshore development defines as an outsourcing of software and other IT-related work such as project analysis, design, coding, testing and maintenance from enterprises of developed countries to software or IT companies of developing countries. Nowadays, numerous companies want to leverage the benefits of offshore development.

Multimedia Design

Make your website impressive with a blend of smart and creative multimedia design. Screen savers, desktop toys and interactive CD-ROM are just the beginning. Our tailor-made solutions blend cool animation, high impact graphics and soothing sound, thanks to the latest technology and talented team.

Website Maintenance

Website maintenance is one of the most significant aspects that many companies overlook as they don’t understand its importance. If the website is not well-maintained, it looks like a boring story and the surfers begins to lose their interest from it. Such website looses the vital freshness and the appeal to draw the web surfers’ attention.

eBusiness Solution

eBusiness refers to do business on the net. It includes traditional buying-selling, and also collaborates with other companies for services, joint promotions, research etc. The eBusiness trend has become quite popular among all types of companies worldwide.

Image Processing

Image is better than any other form of information for humans to perceive. Vision allows us to perceive and understand the surrounding world. Giving that ability to computers is not an easy task — we live in a three dimensional (3D) world, but when computers try to analyze objects in 3D space, available visual sensors (e.g., TV cameras) usually give two dimensional (2D) images, which incurs a great loss of information.

Domain Name Booking Solution

The word “Domain Name” is your internet web site address or a URL. Moreover, it is a name through which your prospective clients actually identify your organization or services you provide. In short, the ‘Domain Name’ is your identity on the net.

Enterprise Solutions

Enterprise solutions increase the flexibility and strength of an enterprise to deal with changes and challenges. It enables enterprises to become global value networks rather than monolithic entities. Enterprise applications and IT services facilitate seamless integration of distribution and supply chains of enterprises.

Application Development

AIT Softwares provides Application Development & Integration services that lead to business process improvement. Such services facilitate cost-reduction and enable business growth.

Application Management

With proven offshore facilities, AIT Softwares is uniquely positioned to deliver exceptional qualities at reduced costs. We have expanded the Application Management Outsourcing service with the combination of services like application management, testing and modernization along with new offerings such as ERP utility and Mashup application development.

Software Testing

‘Software Testing’ is one of the premier IT services of AIT Softwares. Testing is responsible for taking much time of any software development project, but plays a vital role in the software development life cycle. It is a specialized function in itself.

Information Management

With evolution in business, the need for fast access to quality intelligence and autonomy at the business unit level has increased. Because of that, managing information assets in more efficient and effective manner becomes imperative and challenging.

Infrastructure Management

Offshore Infrastructure Management Solutions (OIMS) by AIT Softwares allows you to manage, optimize, and automate networks, servers, databases, circuits, etc. Our solutions certainly improve your business service management.

Business Intelligence

The data warehousing focuses on data storage. However, the means to retrieve, analyze, extract, transform and load data, along with managing the data dictionary are also considered as essential components of the data warehousing system.

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