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PHP stands for “Hypertext Preprocessor”. It is a server-side scripting language, which means that a PHP page is processed on a web server by a PHP script engine. When the client makes a request for any page, the request is sent to the server, the server locates the requested page and executes the PHP code if any and the result is sent to the browser (client) in the form of HTML. The browser then compiles the HTML to display the output.

PHP has gained a momentum for web programming in the recent years due to its open-source code. It means that it is free-to-use and is compatible with almost any server, say Windows, Linux/Unix and Apache. Though it is an open-source technology, it comprises many features which are capable of handling multiple and complex issues related to the internet.

A team of experienced and professional PHP programmers can design and implement PHP Programming that makes us capable to build any type of application, from simple contact forms to shopping carts, dynamic job sites, and complex content management systems. Being a highly experienced web promotion company, we always build search engine friendly websites and web applications where ever applicable.

In addition to its robustness and versatility, PHP is free (most web hosts provide PHP in their most basic plans), and it runs on both Linux and Windows-based servers. For these and many other reasons, PHP becomes the scripting language of choice for many Web developers.

Some of the important benefits of PHP programming language (compared to the available alternative solutions – ASP.Net, ASP, JSP, ColdFusion etc.) are:
  • PHP produces optimized stand-alone applications, libraries, and web applications from standard PHP source code. The compiler produces native machine code, not PHP byte code, so interpreter is not necessary. It is a new implementation of the PHP language and run time environment is compatible with PHP. It does not share any code with the open-source PHP implementation.
  • Reduced development and maintenance cost (the OS, DBMS and scripting languages are available free of charge)
  • High performance and reliability
  • Platform (DBMS and OS) independence
  • Wide availability and support
  • It provides flexibility with template-based system, which means that data presentation to the user can be separated from the business logic and internal data representation

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