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Offshore development defines as an outsourcing of software and other IT-related work such as project analysis, design, coding, testing and maintenance from enterprises of developed countries to IT or software companies of developing countries. Nowadays, numerous companies want to leverage the benefits of offshore development.

Wide availability of specialized skill sets, established quality standards and significant cost savings are driving force for a new and existing customers to broaden the scope of their offshore IT activities. Nearly all of the Fortune 500 companies are either using offshore development services (ODS) or have their own offshore centers. Major hardware and software giants like Microsoft, IBM, Apple, Novell, Sun and Siemens have extensive offshore operations. Many of the world’s most famous software applications are developed either partially or completely in abroad.


Benefits of Offshore Outsourcing

Technical Expertise Availability

Top IT professionals can deliver the quality of desired level to the companies.

Cost Reduction

The companies have an advantage of cost cutting, if they outsource work to a low-wage countries like India, China etc. It saves their initial and operational costs.

Time-Zone Difference

If the US and UK-based companies outsource their projects to the Asian countries, then they can have an advantage of time-zone difference. It provides an opportunity to run companies for 24 hours!

Quality with On Time Delivery

Customers can get assurance of quality and on time delivery of their projects.

Start-up Time

Starting up an offshore project is easier and faster than that in-house. Besides, offshore companies are ready to take up projects at any stage.


All intellectual property rights belong to the original company. Financial protection is also guaranteed as payments are made only when specific milestones have been achieved. In addition to that, offshore companies offer fixed-price solutions on guaranteed dead-lines these days.


For the companies' seeking extensive offshore talent pool, it is important to ensure that it must be accompanied by project management expertise, efficient processes and transparent tracking system.

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