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Native or Hybrid Mobile Apps – Which Cross-platform Applications are Suitable for You image

Native mobile apps are written using native programming languages of the specific mobile operating system. Native iOS apps are written using Swift (or Objective-C) programming language whereas native Android apps are written using Java programming language. Hybrid mobile applications are web apps with a native wrapper. Hybrid apps are written using HTML5 markup language with applied CSS and Javascript etc. Native apps contain native controls and properties which communicate directly with the OS of the mobile device. In case of hybrid apps, web applications communicate with the native wrapper and which in turn communicates with the OS. It is evident from the process followed by both type of apps that native apps are faster performing in comparison of counterpart hybrid ...

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How to Build an Android App image

The mobile apps which runs on devices having Android OS are usually called Android apps. Nowadays, most of mobile device users are using Android devices across the world. While thinking of having mobile apps for personal interests or for business interests Android devices can’t be ignored. A beginner requiring to build an Android app requires to follow certain steps to conclude the app. Before jumping into the mobile app development the developers must have a confidence that yes, they can do it. Without a positive mindset it will look complex. Though, it is as easy as other software development assignments. Let’s go through the steps to build a mobile app for Android devices. Android App Idea – Conceptualize the app ...

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What Mobile App Development Process Should be Followed image

Initially mobile apps were getting developed by the mobile device companies only. SMS app, the snake game etc. are the initial level apps. In those days engineers at the mobile development companies were developing apps quite secretly. It was 2008 when Apple Inc. launched App Store where any developer can host mobile apps and, any user can download and install apps in their mobile device. Apple provided guidelines for the mobile app development process to maintain the standard of mobile apps. This was for Apple devices (iPhone, iPad and iPod). Mobile app developers start taking the advantage and started iOS apps shipping. This was revolutionizing for mobile application development industry. About six months later Android followed Apple Inc. and launched ...

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