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Do you ever wish to show your website to more people? Yes, of course, right? More audiences to your website mean more prospective customers, and thus more chance of business success. How would you increase the audiences then? There are number of ways, Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing, Advertisements on the web, the Internet directory listings and so on. All of these of course work, but there is even a simpler and more effective way. Yes, it is to have your website in Japanese.


Do you know that Japan has a population of 127 million? Do you know Japan has the world second largest economy? But, despite the highly sophisticated IT infrastructure and ever-growing e-commerce market (B2B $895 billion and B2C $49 billion), foreign investments in Japan account only 1.2% of GDP, whereas the same accounts 34% in the UK, 30% in the US, and 12% in Germany. Why? The reasons are said to be, due to the Japan's unique business practice, sophisticated consumers, and difficulty in the language. Of all these, the most prominent is the language. The market is said to be protected by the language barrier.

So you would ask, don't Japanese people speak English? The answer is that most people don't. But wait a minute. A typical Japanese college graduate studying English for 10 years and the rate of going to colleges (including junior colleges) being nearly 40%, they may not be good at speaking English, but they read and write English reasonably well. Exploring English websites may be too high a hurdle for them, but they should have no problem with reading and writing a simple email, particularly when it comes to something beneficial to them.

Our translators have been in translation business since 1967 providing translations to companies in various businesses such as engineering, manufacturing, pharmaceutical, advertising. With their thorough knowledge of Japanese business, we can design a Japanese website attractive to Japanese people. All you have to do is to tell us when you place an order with us.

We will provide you with a quotation right away upon your request via email.

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