Magento eCommerce Development PlatformMost of eCommerce companies found confused while choosing an effective platform. This blog discusses how Magento development is the best bet for small as well as large businesses. If you are on the verge of choosing an eCommerce platform, hold the nerve and read on.

Magento has two active versions, Magento Community edition and Magento Enterprise Edition. While Magento CE is free, the Magento EE is the paid one. Magento is open-source software, making it fully customizable. The Magento CE version is recommended for small and medium businesses, while Magento EE version for large corporations.

Features Which Makes Magento the Best Bet as an Ecommerce Platform

  1. Open-source platform: Being an open-source Magento is fully customizable. Whatever your business requirement is, that is achievable using Magento eCommerce platform. Whether it is a functionality requirement or look and feel requirement, all are achievable using Magento eCommerce Development.
  2. Large Community: There is a huge community of Magento developers worldwide, who are supportive at large. Due to the huge community of developers, number of extensions and add-ons available online are huge. Most of them are free and some paid too.
  3. Responsive eCommerce Website: Nowadays, this feature is available with all the eCommerce platforms known. The 21st century is the era of multiple devices with different screen sizes. The eCommerce website developed must look same on all devices. The eCommerce websites developed using Magento are responsive to multiple devices.
  4. SEO-friendly: The traffic to an online store is vital for the success of an eCommerce business. It is known to all, search engines play a vital role to pull quality audience to your website. To get top ranks in search results, the website must be optimized as per the guidelines issued by the search engines. The eCommerce platform Magento avails search engine optimized websites.
  5. Multi-store administration: Multiple online stores can be managed by using single administrative panel of Magneto eCommerce platform.
  6. Discount Coupons: The coupons and offers can be added easily to a Magento store.
  7. Analytics: The analytics provided in the Magento administrative panel is very powerful and professional. This feature keeps Magento far apart from the contemporary eCommerce platforms.
  8. eCommerce Website to Mobile App: Magento extensions are available to convert an eCommerce website to a mobile app. Some extensions are free while some are paid. It is easy with Magento to enter from eCommerce to mCommerce too.
  9. Stronger Security: The Magento eCommerce platform has stronger security protection.
  10. Multilingual Websites: In the era of globalization, Magento has the capability to create online stores in multiple languages of the world. This makes localization of an eCommerce store easier.

There are many other features too which makes Magento most preferred eCommerce development platform for the companies. In these days, large enterprises are opting Magento blindly because of the reliability and scalability it has offered through the years. It is a developer-friendly eCommerce website development platform. Businesses need to hire Magento developers for advanced customizations of the store.