Image Processing

Digital Photograph Processing

Image is better than any other form of information for humans to perceive. Vision allows us to perceive and understand the surrounding world. Giving that ability to computers is not an easy task — we live in a three dimensional (3D) world, but when computers try to analyze objects in 3D space, available visual sensors (e.g., TV cameras) usually give two dimensional (2D) images, which incurs a great loss of information.

Nowadays, the number of applications for image processing rises rapidly, and their continuous integration into production processes require inter-operable systems, which are compatible with standard interfaces.

Under the roof of image processing services, we offer:

  • Image masking facility for mixing of photographs
  • Process the images or photographs to improve its quality to the best possible level
  • Provide a quality photo restoration facility while maintaining its quality
  • Retouching of photos with poor light or bad contrast

We, at AIT Softwares - India Center Office, always strive to achieve such system in a cost-effective fashion. We strongly believe that necessity is the driving force to innovation. We blend necessity with knowledge, vision, persistence and creativity. These are the elements that produce cost-effective and high quality solutions for our clients.

We, at web designing company AIT Softwares, process the images/ photographs to enhance its quality to the optimum level. We have a team of talented professionals with an excellent digital image processing skill. We retouch the photographs taken in poor lighting or bad contrast to enhance their quality. We also remove unwanted objects present in the images to alter the image quality of the photographs.

In today’s fast developing technology, the photo restoration job has become somewhat challenging.We face that challenging frontier along with enhancing its quality by means of skill set and the interpretation of the digital image processing techniques. Mixing of photographs through image masking has become very popular as these photographs are become quite handy tools of communication when used as postcards, birthday cards, invitation card etc.

AIT Softwares – India Center Office is well-equipped with the latest technology in image processing and our team has a perfect combination of experience and a knack to deliver quality images to its clients.

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