While thinking of having a website whether personal or for business one should mind few basics which must spell in the website. There are billions of websites in the world. If your website will fail to translate the offerings you wanted to tell the world then visitor might shift to another website. This might be a huge loss as getting targeted visitors may not be easy all the time. Besides clear messaging the website should be eye pleasing and easy to navigate to other pages. Let us discuss the approach of a website design which can produce a great return on investments (ROI).

Website Structure 

Structure of a web page should be in such a manner that it can keep the visitor intact throughout the page. When a web page loads, visitor may start seeing the page from top-left corner and then other parts of the page. In top-left corner, the most important item of the page like logo should be there. Logo is most important for branding. The logo should be simple and eye catchy. In the first screen of the web page users might see the page title, heading of the page and might be products or services offered. If these matches with the purpose of the web page visit then user will look for call to action items. So, in first screen itself there should be something to contact the website owner.

The web page should show case previous works done, if there is any. The web page should also contain recommendations from your previous customers or just testimonials from them. These strengthen the confidence of web page visitors that what they are looking can be fulfilled well by the website owner. After going through the content of the web page visitors might like to jump to other pages of the website. Links of important pages of the website should be in the bottom part of the page. Or, after going through the content of web page visitor might like to contact you. So, there should be easy information to contact the website owner. Overall, the web page should be simple and communicative.

Color Combinations

Colors used in a web page not only should be eye pleasing but also relevant to the industry segment. Different people from different industries like to see different colors. The website color combinations should be as per the liking of visitors and not as per the liking of only website owner. While thinking of color combinations color science should be applied that which color mix with other color in best way. For example, red and white mixes well but at the same time yellow and green doesn’t mix well and likewise. Also, the web page color should match with the logo colors. The logo shouldn’t look aloof on the page.

Quality Images

Photographs or images used on the web page may make it eye pleasing. High resolution images should be used by keeping minimum page load time in mind. The images used should be relevant too which should spell what your text content is spelling. Irrelevant images though eye pleasing, make the web page awkward looking. If a graphic designer is unable to achieve good quality images then stock photos can be purchased from online sources.

Page Load Time

Overall web page load time should be minimized to a practical level. If a web page takes more time in loading visitors may close it and move for another website. The page load time can be reduced in various ways known to the web designers. It not only depends on images and text content used on the web page but also to the files which are getting called on this page. For example, .CSS files and .JS files might be called on a web page. These external files too require to be minified.

Search Engine Friendly

There are specific guidelines issued by search engines for web page design. These guidelines must be followed while designing a web page. There are billions of web pages; people search a service or a product by using search engines and reach to the relevant web page. To remain relevant in search engines the web page should be optimized for the search engines. This process of optimization of a web page is called SEO (search engine optimization). While hiring a company for your website, make sure it is an SEO web design company and not just an organization who will build an aesthetic website. Search engine relevancy of a web page is very important nowadays to reach maximum goals of the website.

Responsive Website

In these days people are surfing the web mostly by using their mobile devices. Due to this, it has become very important to make a web page responsive to all types of mobile devices too. Desktop websites may not look good on mobile devices if the web page is not responsive. To keep mobile users intact, achieve responsive website. If necessary get different pages for mobile devices than the desktop web pages. For example, AMP (accelerated mobile pages) pages.