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Native or Hybrid Mobile Apps – Which Cross-platform Applications are Suitable for You image

Native mobile apps are written using native programming languages of the specific mobile operating system. Native iOS apps are written using Swift (or Objective-C) programming language whereas native Android apps are written using Java programming language. Hybrid mobile applications are web apps with a native wrapper. Hybrid apps are written using HTML5 markup language with applied CSS and Javascript etc. Native apps contain native controls and properties which communicate directly with the OS of the mobile device. In case of hybrid apps, web applications communicate with the native wrapper and which in turn communicates with the OS. It is evident from the process followed by both type of apps that native apps are faster performing in comparison of counterpart hybrid ...

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How your Website should be? image

While thinking of having a website whether personal or for business one should mind few basics which must spell in the website. There are billions of websites in the world. If your website will fail to translate the offerings you wanted to tell the world then visitor might shift to another website. This might be a huge loss as getting targeted visitors may not be easy all the time. Besides clear messaging the website should be eye pleasing and easy to navigate to other pages. Let us discuss the approach of a website design which can produce a great return on investments (ROI). Website Structure  Structure of a web page should be in such a manner that it can keep ...

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Website Redesigning Many of us have Overlooked It image

Which is that vital factor while you think of Redesigning Your Website? It is Change. Change is inevetible in life. Every thing needs to change. Thats why we have different seasons, different colors of flowers in different conditions. The only constant is CHANGE. At least as far as your Website is concerned. Some sites – like a chamelion change their color many times over a period of time. A few change – like the tides – once or twice in a day. And many remain like stagnant backwaters – constant, changeless, desolated, ignored and largely unvisited! Websurfers are an impatient lot. They for excitement, constant variety and change. Nothing bores them more than a Website that stays the same day ...

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Communicating Your Needs to Your Web Designer image

Communicating with a web designer can be the most difficult part of the hiring process because you and the web designer don’t speak the same language when talking about the details of a website. This article explains how to get your ideas across to the web designer you hire. Ok, so you’ve decided to hire a professional web designer to build your website. You spent some time looking for the right person. Eventually you found the right web designer that you believe will design the most attractive, extraordinary website for the internet community. So now what? Explaining to the web designer the layout design you have in your mind can be a very frustrating process. You will find that putting ...

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Browser Compatibility of the Website image

When designing a web site, the consideration should be browser compatibility. Your web site may look great when viewed with Internet Explorer, but when viewed with Netscape Navigator or Mozilla Firefox, everything may not be formatted properly. All web browsers are not developed equally. View your site through different browsers and screen resolutions; you will see how your visitors will view your web site. A good way to see how your web site will look through various browsers is to download and install a copy of various browsers like Internet Explorer, Netscape Navigator, Mozilla Firefox etc. CSS provides powerful ways to control the appearance of a page but also leads to serious browser incompatibilities. You can limit these problems by ...

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Website Design Principles image

Prominence We had thrown enough light on the aspect of unity in our previous articles. There is another aspect of prominence or importance which is related to unity. It focuses on highlighting one specific element in the design rather than trying to fit all things together. The purpose here is to attract more attention from the surfers. When you design a web page layout, often you’ll identify an item in the content, or the layout itself, that you want to stand out. Perhaps it’s a button you want users to press, or an error message that you want them to read. One method of achieving such emphasis is by making that element into a focal point. A focal point is ...

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