Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence & Data Warehousing

The data warehousing focuses on data storage. However, the means to retrieve, analyze, extract, transform and load data, along with managing the data dictionary are also considered as essential components of the data warehousing system.


Enterprise requires Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing systems for using data effectively.

At AIT Softwares, we use business intelligence tools to extract, transform, and load data into the repository, and other tools to manage and retrieve metadata.

AIT Softwares offer following services:
  • We contribute toward business process improvement
  • Specialized Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing Solutions that provide cutting edge solutions to enterprises
  • We offer strategic consulting services and assist our clients in building scalable data warehouses
  • We have The Center of Excellence for providing the world-class solutions for collecting, organizing and analyzing data

Business Intelligence and Data Warehouse at AIT Softwares has been instrumental in collecting, organizing and analyzing data to create and deliver valuable information. Such information is required for making tactical and strategic decisions.

AIT Softwares offers the full range of Business Intelligence and Data Warehousing solutions, Analytics Services and Application Management Services.

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